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yami_awards's Journal

Yami no Matsuei iContest
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Welcome to yami_awards! This is an icon community for yami no matsuei (descendants of darkness). The whole point of this community is: We assign a theme each week. You make 1 icon that portrays this theme and post it in the entry that issued the theme. (This will be a protected entry, so no one can tell who made the icon.) A few days later, the theme will be closed and voting will start. There will be an entry posted showing all submitted icons. You must vote on your number one most favorite icon, by the number next to the icon of your choice. You vote by posting a comment on that entry with that number. This entry also has all comments screened so no one except the mods can see who voted for which icons. A day or two later the votes are counted and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners are announced and given banners. After this, a new theme is issued.

The rules are thus:

-Do not just vote for your friends icons. It's not fair to do things this way. Vote honestly on what your favorite icon is. Please do not disclose which icon is yours to any members until after votes are collected.

-Do not insult other peoples icons or other people, in general. Fighting will not be tolerated, here.

-All icons must feature Yami no Matsuei (Descendants of Darkness) in the icon itself. No other animes, mangas, movies, musicians, etc. You can quote movies or music, etc. in your icon, just please use images from the Yami anime or manga or fanart. (Please credit all artists when using fanart.)

-No stealing other peoples icons that were already made, to submit into contests. If you are found out, you will be removed from the community immediately, your banner deleted (and all other banners and credit you might have gotten), and each of your competition submittions deleted and a new winner over your submittions recalculated. We are not screwing around.

-No racism, sexist comments, pairing bashing, or crude comments. No, for serious, don't do it.

-All icons will be accepted until the date and time that is pre-decided. All submittions after that will be void. Please submit your icons and votes on time. The time will always be clearly stated for your better interest.

-Have fun, follow the rules, don't cheat, participate, make friends! This community is about enjoying yourself and being creative. We'd like to keep it that way!

Icons can get confusing, if you're looking for the regular default idea of icons, keep reading...

1. Icons are usually 100 pixels in height and 100 pixels in width. They can be smaller, although this makes them look peculiar, but any bigger is unacceptable. This isn't my rule, just bring up the arguments with Live Journal.

2. Icons should be a maximum of 40kb. If you're not sure how large your icon is, find it where you saved it, right click on it, and click on "properties". A small window will come up that will tell you "Size of File".

3. There are tons of different graphic programs out there. Any one of them will probably work. If you don't have one and you need one, just ask around for program names from other members. You could even use Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Image Ready (for animated gifs).

4. It helps if the font can be read clearly. This can be achieved by tweaking the colors you're using or changing the font you're using.

5. Please make sure the theme is clearly present in the icon you're submitting. That helps a great deal.

Voting is really quite simple. But here's a few things to consider before casting your vote...

1. Look at the text on the icon (if there is any). Is it easy to read? Does the color of the text work with the rest of the icon?

2. Is it easy to tell what the image is, in the icon?

3. How much work do you suppose was put into the icon? Is it just a still capture with text or does it have various elements that were added to it to make it more interesting? Was it manga that was colored? (That takes a longer time to accomplish.) The more work someone put into the icon, the more likely they deserve consideration for a vote.

4. Is the icon clever? Do you understand what it's saying? If it's animated, does each part of the animation make sense? Does it change too fast for you to see the image or read the text? Does what it say have a direct correlation to the image? (i.e. if it says "bleeding", is there blood in the image? If it says "darkness" is it dark? "Light", is there light?)

5. Please don't vote on an icon just because it features your favorite character. Whatever character is featured on an icon should not sway your vote. The point here is the clarity of the theme in their icon, the work put into it, and the image itself. It's not a popularity contest for whatever characters you might like or might not like.

Help isn't far off. If you need to ask questions about how you can do something in an image program, if you need to find a new graphic program, if you want to know if the icon is acceptable, by the rules, to submit, or even if you just want to find new fonts or need any sort of information, feel free to either post an entry asking the members, or contact one of the mods for help. No one will pick on you for asking questions, because not all of us are 100% experts at doing this. We all need help every once in a while, and who knows? You might make a few useful friends.

1. If you want to advertise for another community in this community, you're free to do it. Please make sure, however, the community either has to deal with yami no matsuei, another anime/manga, or icon contests. (In other words, we will not accept you advertising for a Harry Potter Rating Community, or anything that has nothing to do whatsoever with this community.) Any advertised community that has absolutely nothing to do with this one? The advertisement entry will be deleted.

2. Please be nice to all people offering help. Also, please do not patronize or be rude to people who are asking for help, just because it seems simple to you. Some people don't know as much as you, some know more than you do. The point here is to communicate information so that we can all have a good shot at winning in a contest. It's just a nice thing to do.

3. If you want us to affiliate with your community on this very page, feel free to contact one of the mods with information. This doesn't guarantee that we will post association, but it's worth a try, isn't it?

Contact Mods
rei_takai can be contacted by these methods:
email: razed_in_black777@hotmail.com
AIM: xwatarixyutakax
Yahoo: xyutakaxwatari