Time to Vote!

Alright! Time to vote. And there's two things you're voting on. Not just the icon, but for time.

Some members don't mind the time changes, but some do. So we want to know what YOU guys all think. So, not only will you be voting for icons, but please, after you enter your votes, please select one of the following two:

I'd like a full weeks time to make an icon
Thursday to Monday is fine with me

That way you guys can get what YOU want. Alright here we go...

This weeks iconsCollapse )

Voting ends on Wednesday, so... have at it.

And thank you to those of you who entered an icon for this week. And thank you for the feedback on the disagreement with the new times. (We'd rather know now so we can see what everyone wants, than to just lose members.) I apologise for the lack of response to your comments.

Thank you for the compliments on the layout. enchanter was the one who took the time and effort to make it. Thank you Rhea. ^^

If you also have anymore comments/complaints/compliments, feel free to post them at anytime on comments.
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Finally! A New Challenge.

Aaaalright! ^^ We're posting a new challenge! (All mods were an hiatus due to love, injury, and injury of a loved one.)

New Guidelines For The Community. Please Read.Collapse )

Ahem anyways...

This weeks challenge: Embrace

You can submit your icons in a comment on this very screened post. If you don't know how to add an image to a comment, feel free to ask how. Please be aware that these comments are screened, no one but I can see the icons you're entering until it comes time to vote.

So please! Take the time, enter the challenge, have fun!!!
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The community has a new layout, courtesy yours truly. ^^ Feel free to comment etc. if you have any suggestions and the like. The info parts aren't all done yet, but soon.

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Under New Management

Alright! I figured I'd post a notice to all members.

Your new mods are:


This community will be under construction for the next week. We're going to restart themes fresh and new, next week, starting off where we left, with week 12. We will actually update on the dates we say we will, and we will post voting and winners as dated, as well.

So, keep an eye out next week for the newly posted dates and for the newly posted rules and hopefully a layout, too. (If we can do it.) We totally understand if you're busy with school work or family issues and such, but could everyone please try to enter the icon contests? It's great to see what new icons everyone can make and it makes it a lot more fun, the more entries we get.

Hopefully the new management will bring fresh life to this community. Participation is greatly appreciated!! Great job, so far, guys. In the beginning we had some great icons posted, let's see if we can start doing that again! We can do it!! ^^ YATTA!!!

-Mod #2
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WE HAVE A TIE! I'm extending the vote until 10:00 (central time) so we can try to break it. Please, if you haven't voted already vote! :D
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(no subject)

I'm sorry! I sort of forgot and neglected this. I'm sorry!!! >_< Anyways, since I'm stupid, this challenge will end next wednesday instead of saturday.

This week's challenge will be...


As in the season. Anything from leaves to fall colors to lyrics that suggest this season. Just put it in your icon somehow.

Submit your one icon to this screened post by Wednesday, November 16. Have fun everyone! :3
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(no subject)

Errk, we still only have two entries! You have roughly three hours to get in your last-minute entries. I understand that this time of year is super busy (heck, I'm working on a Pre-cal project right now), so if I have to put up this week's two entries for voting, there will only be one winner.